Children love stories. Children love messy creative play. Little Story Learners combine both sensory messy play with exploring books giving a perfect platform to start and continue to nurture a

love for learning, imagining, and creating. As quoted by one of our lovely families, ‘A fantastic pre educational experience’.

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Benefits of early reading

- Language, communication, and vocabulary dvelopment

- Promotes a love of learning and reading

- Ignites imagination and creativity

- Supports exploration of the world

- Develops contextual awareness


'Good early language skills are the foundation of all learning and social skills'

(quote extracted from 'Read On. Get On.' By Jonathan Douglas, National Literacy Trust, and Kayte Lawton)


Benefits of messy play

- Promotes exploration, curiosity and imagination

- Communication and language development

- Physical development - gross motor, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination

- Sensory development

- Enriches social interaction and encourages speech

- Develops thinking and problem-solving skills

- It is FUN


COVID-19 and how we have adapted

Our classes have been adapted to ensure government guidelines are being strictly followed. You will be asked to clean and sterilise each ‘station’  and any equipment handled, before continuing exploration. All cleaning aids will be provided.

During the session adults will be asked to wear a face covering throughout and remain socially distanced. Frequent hand washing is encouraged throughout our sessions.

We endeavour for everyone to have fun, explore and learn whilst keeping everyone safe.